The #1 Thing That You Can Do Today To Increase Your Revenue By 50%

In order to play a bigger game and grow your business to the revenue level that you want you have to be clear about what you want. The #1 thing that you can do to increase your revenue is be absolutely clear about the amount of money you want to make. Most people never reach their full potential in life because they don’t have a clue about where they want to go. If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you have arrived? You must be very intentional about creating the revenue that you want for your business.

I remember when I started to dream and create my vision board I was sitting at home with very little money, single and working for someone else. Now if you looked at my vision board you wouldn’t know this because I had pictures of published authors, Oprah, famous motivational speakers, business gurus, etc. I was dreaming big. I was dreaming of being an international speaker, highly sought after life and business coach and a New York Times Best Selling author.   My vision board represented my dream house, my dream car, my dream husband and kids. Was this my current reality? Absolutely not, but I knew if I ever wanted to see it in my life I had to first see it in my mind and feel it in my heart.

Think about how much money you want your business to make. If failure was not an option what would you do to ensure that you accomplished your revenue goals? When you are creating a financial vision for your business you don’t start by trying to figure out a strategy of how to make it happen, just dream big. Many people get stuck with thinking about how they are going to bring their vision to pass and they get paralyzed with fear and never move forward.

Let’s just say that your annual revenue goal is $375,000. Here is a sample breakdown of how you can generate $375,000/year or $31,250.00/month. There are many avenues for generating revenue. This is just a sample to get your juices flowing to spark ideas of how you can grow your business and increase your revenue.

Here’s a Sample Breakdown:

Annual Revenue Goal – $375,000.00 / year

Monthly Revenue Goal – $31,250.00 / month


Product A – $297 X 15 products = $4,455.00

Product B – $497 X 15 products = $7,455.00

Monthly Group Coaching – $997 X 8 people = $7,976.00

Mastermind Group (Monthly Payment) – $1,500 X 8 people = $12,000.00

MONTHLY TOTAL – $31,886.00/Month

The example above shows you how you can build a solid business that leverages your services and enables you to work one to many versus one on one so you can easily reach your revenue goals. It shows that you have created two products to sale – one at a $297 price point and the other at $497. You also offer a monthly group coaching program and a mastermind group. There are several methods and avenues to reach your revenue goal this is just one example. Yes it takes hard work and planning, but it is very possible.

If you have placed your vision of increasing your revenue goals on the back burner, re-ignite it. It’s time for you to dream big. For me, DREAM means – Dedication. Responsibility.Education.Attitude.Motivation. It is great to dream, but we have to put some action behind it. You can do it, why not start today?


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