The CEO Life® Membership Club
with T. Renee' Smith
Only $49 per month
Imagine how different your life would be if you felt focused, confident, and unapologetic about who you are. If you were surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs, clear on your goals, and experiencing the level of success you desire in your business. The CEO Life® Membership Club is a community of high-level entrepreneurs taking step-by-step action to scale both their business and quality of life. This community is led by award-winning businesswoman and best-selling author of The CEO Life® book and action planner, T. Renee' Smith.

"The CEO Life® is one of the best books I've read on having a successful business! T. Reneé breaks down each foundational step of building and scaling a business in a simple, easy to read way that inspires you to take action! Her logical chapter flow and content made it easy to stop and implement, or review areas of my business that I either never thought of or forgot about. Her call to action forces us to think differently and want to do better! Thank you T. Reneé for your commitment to MY success and for sharing your expertise with me!"

Devida Lee Kauhane
Founder and Ambassador at iAlohaNation
Phoenix, Arizona

The CEO Life® Membership Club offers virtual trainings, community support and in-person workshops for implementation of The CEO Life® book available on Knowlege and information is not enough you need a "human-touch" to hold you accountable on this journey. In order to succeed you must have a combination of the right mindset and tactical strategy. We'll show you both. If you’re an entrepreneur ready to up-level both your business and life, we invite you to enroll in our monthly membership program designed to position you as the CEO of your business.
Here's What You Get
Membership Includes
➤ Private Membership Portal Access
➤ Monthly Mastery-Level Trainings
➤ Monthly Q&A with "Fire Laser" Coaching
➤ Discounted Quarterly Workshops
➤ Support and Community
➤ Access to T. Renee' Smith
➤ Discounted CEO Merchandise
➤ The CEO Vault (Exclusive Trainings with T. Renee' Smith)
Only $49 per month
"Three words summarize The CEO Life® – authentic, strategic and clear. As I was reading The CEO Life® I realized that unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs don’t have the business strategy that can take them from great at what they do to great at running a business. The CEO Life® masterfully provides the missing link to help entrepreneurs develop the right mindset to grow a business, and step-by-step strategies on how to work on their business versus in their business. I highly recommend The CEO Life® to any small business owner who is looking to grow their business."

Dr. Felicia Phillips
Founder and President, PPICW
Atlanta, Georgia

Here's What to Expect
Membership Training Topics Include
▶︎ The CEO Mindset
▶︎ You Are the Brand
▶︎ Master Your Message
▶︎ Find Ideal Clients
▶︎ Rinse & Repeat Marketing 
▶︎ Clone Yourself With Systems
▶︎ Negotiate Like a Boss
▶︎ Close the Sale
▶︎ Create Loyal Clients
▶︎ Capital to Grow
▶︎ Expand Your Team
▶︎ Lead Like a CEO
If you’ve experienced success in business, but still feel overworked, underpaid and undervalued, it’s time to reposition your role in your business. It’s time to do things differently. It’s time to become the CEO. The CEO Life® Membership Club offers the proven blueprint and support you need to transform both your business and quality of life with step-by-step action items.
Only $49 per month
Frequently Ask Questions
When are the virtual training sessions with T. Renee' Smith?
The 2nd Thursday of each month at 12 noon EST. Membership enrollment is 24/7, year-round.
What if I am unable to attend a virtual training session? Will a video recording be provided?

Yes, each training session will be recorded and made available within 24 hours inside of your membership portal.

When will I get access to my membership portal?
Access to your CEO Life membership portal will be provided immediately after your first payment. You will be provided a unique username and password in your welcome email. You will have access as long as you are an active member.
How does the monthly membership payment work? When will my card be charged?

The first payment of $49 will be charged immediately. The subsequent monthly charges will automatically charge to the same credit card every 30 days. Membership payments are non-refundable.

How easy is it to cancel membership?

You simply click the “cancel membership” button from inside of your membership portal and complete a form. Once you do that, you will no longer be charged $49 each month. You will also lose access to your membership portal and other membership perks.

When are the face-to-face workshops with T. Renee' Smith?

Discounted face-to-face workshops are offered to members once per quarter at a private location in Atlanta, GA.

What is the member discount for CEO Life merchandise?

All members get a 20% discount on CEO Life merchandise and will be provided a unique discount code.

When will I get access to the private Facebook Group for 24/7 community and support?

A link to our private Facebook group will be included in the membership welcome email. Once you click the link and request to join the group, you will be added by one of our team members within 24 hours.

Is One-on-One Business Coaching with T. Renee' Smith available?

Absolutely. One-on-One Business Coaching is exclusively available to members at a generously discounted rate. 

Only $49 per month
About T. Renee' Smith
T. Reneé Smith, President & CEO of iSuccess Consulting, Inc. is known as the “Business Scalability Expert.” She is a world-class strategist who helps business owners across the globe who want to show up authentically and have success in both their personal life and business. She has directly developed small business suppliers for Delta Air Lines and other fortune 500 corporations. T. Reneé has assisted small businesses in obtaining more than $30 million in traditional and non-traditional funding capital. She is the best-selling author of The CEO Life, a business guide that provides the exact steps to create a holistic life and business. T. Renee' is a wife and mom to two very active boys and a bonus daughter. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia and loves to read, journal and spend time with her family.

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