Use Your Personal Story to Create an Emotional Connection With Your Ideal Client

Your marketing message must clearly and concisely outline the benefits of working with you and also weave in your personal story. Telling your personal story is a key cornerstone of your branding. It tells your ideal clients “Why” you do what you do. It paints a picture of your history, expertise and the results that you help your clients achieve. It shows how you have overcome the exact things that your clients are going through and how you have become successful.

Let’s discuss two main things you should consider before writing your personal story.

Pain Points – In telling your story it is very important for you to connect with the pain of your ideal client. Learning to speak your marketing message that connects directly with the primary pain points of your ideal client is crucial. When you talk about their key issues, fears, challenges, desires, or obstacles and provide tangible results they will immediately be attracted to you. They will be willing to invest their resources, time, and energy to follow you on a path that provides relief, and solutions that get rid of their challenges.

Tell A Story – Your personal story should have a beginning, middle, and end, describing the obstacles you’ve overcome. You can also highlight one transformational moment and put the reader/listener in that moment by adding sensory details (sight, sound, feel, and taste, smell) to bring your story alive. You will not always use your whole story in every marketing message, sometimes it will just be key elements depending upon the type of marketing that you are doing.
When you discover how to effectively communicate what’s in it for your ideal clients and incorporate your personal story in your marketing, both in person and online, you will literally turn your words into wealth.

Sound too simple to be true? I heard this story several years back and want to share it with you. A major publisher once had a book that wasn’t selling. So one savvy editor changed the title of the book and it became a national bestseller, nearly overnight. Not a single word inside the book was changed, just the title. Wow, right?

You can experience similar shifts in your business, simply by changing the way you communicate your marketing message, the way you share your solutions with those prospects who need what you have to offer. Remember this – before you sit down to write your website copy or any other marketing materials, always consider What’s In It For Me (meaning your client). These five words will mean the difference between marketing that works to attract clients and marketing that gets ignored (and gets you nowhere – no clients, no increase in revenue, no growth).

T. Reneé Smith, President & CEO of iSuccess Consulting, is known as the “Business Scalability Expert.” She is a serial entrepreneur and corporate strategist who has directly developed small business suppliers for Delta Air Lines and other Fortune 500 corporations. T. Reneé has assisted small businesses in obtaining more than $30 million in traditional and non-traditional funding capital. She has been featured in various publications including Entrepreneur and Cosmopolitan. She serves on the Leadership Council for the National Small Business Association (NSBA).

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