Find Your Sweet Spot and Attract All the Clients You Need

Do you know your sweet spot? A “sweet spot” is recognizing what you do best and knowing who you serve most with it. Do you dread seeing a certain client number come up on your caller ID? Do you have to give yourself a pep talk before you see a specific client? Maybe you haven’t experienced these things but I sure have. There was one client in particular that was so indecisive. They made the same mistakes over and over again without learning the valuable lesson that was presented to them. It got so bad that I wasn’t excited about going to see that client.

One valuable lesson that I had to learn was I need to identify my ideal client and work with them. Those are the people that I was put on this earth to serve. We have chemistry and connection. Now I’m sure some of you are saying I will work with anybody that has a checkbook and a pulse, however if you serve everyone you are not going to create a business that you adore and love. You have to focus and narrow your clients to the ones where you are operating in your sweet spot.

I realized that my ideal client was highly motivated women entrepreneurs that were ready to take immediate action. They research the best options and put a plan in action to bring it to reality. I thrived in those situations. I was creative, motivated and energized. My energy was positive and upbeat and I looked forward to working with these clients. Compare it to my client that was indecisive, had no vision, no direction and flew by the seat of his pants. Even though I was able to provide some good business insight I didn’t see the dramatic results that I felt should have been there.

Who is your ideal client? What do they look like? Where do they hang out? What do they need from you? What valuable thing can you give them that will change their life? Are there certain services that provide you immense joy versus certain services that you do just for money? Recognize this and pay attention to it. Are there certain areas where creative juices just flow and then other areas where it is hard work for you to come up with solutions? Those are all key indicators of your “sweet spot”.

For me personally, I am overjoyed when I am coaching, training or speaking to someone and I see the light bulb go off or as Oprah calls it the “aha” moment. I see a shift in their thinking. That is priceless to me. That is what fuels me. I am so passionate about it.

What drives you and motivates you, what would you do if money was no option? Look at your business – are you doing mostly what excites you or are you just chasing money? Once you start offering more of the services that you were gifted to do then your client flow will increase. I don’t know the mechanics behind it but once start working in your sweet spot the flood gates will open and you will attract all the ideal clients that you want and need.


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